Patmos and Hatha Yoga with Anastasia

Patmos and Hatha Yoga with Anastasia

Patmos and Hatha Yoga with Anastasia 150 150 Hanna Lindermuth

This is a tribute to my wonderful yoga teacher and mentor, Anastasia Stoyannides and the technique Eva Ruchpaul.
I was fortunate enough to discover this yoga style about 10 years ago – and from then on I was hooked, being a student and then deciding to go for teacher training in Paris and Vienna.

To me this wonderful yoga technique is a mean to come home to myself.

the freedom to be.
(in) Patmos.

When I first set foot on Patmos after a ferry ride from Kos, my daily life worries (“Alltag”) dropped away at once. I felt free and at ease. 

It only got better. 

Wonderful Greek food, iced coffee while playing backgammon in the beach café, the sun, the sea, seeing the sunset on the one side of the island and the moon rise on the other and the yoga – connecting – silence inside. 

Between the yoga courses:doing nothing, going to the beach, swimming, eating gyros and salad in a little place in Skala next to picturesque fisher boats.

Letting life flow: Dancing the night away, hearing cowbells form the heard during yoga class, eating figs directly from the tree, fresh as they can be. Tasting the salty sea, sleeping on Psilliamos beach under the sky – being woken up by the moonlight and a cat playing vividly in the cool hours of the night with the sea grass on the beach. 

These are just a few very vivid ones of my memory treasures from my three times on Patmos all together. 

I confess I am partial to both Patmos and the Ruchpaul Yoga technique, but I admire what they and Anastasia can create together. All three times I went to Patmos were magical.
It was always a very precious gift to myself and I am looking forward to returning again once my yoga training in Paris is “fini”.

In the meantime – if you go, say hello from me. 

P.S.: Anastasia goes there again this summer..